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When requesting an appointment for the employment office by phone or internet, it may happen that we find a message that indicates “at the moment there are no appointments available in the selected office”

The SEPE informs that as of Monday, March 16, THE EMPLOYMENT OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED. No attention will be paid to the public and the procedures must be carried out by telephone or Internet, so NO PRIOR APPOINTMENT NEEDED.

Requirements will be made more flexible and deadlines will be suspended so as not to harm workers’ rights (+ INFORMATION)

This is not due to an error in the computer or telephone system, but rather because the INEM office (SEPE) has a maximum number of appointments that it can attend each day and the limit has been reached.

Try again the next day, first thing in the morning (8-9 AM). It is the option we recommend. After two or three days the appointment is made.

Keep in mind that the deadline given by law to request unemployment (15 business days from the legal situation of unemployment) is a longer period than it seems, since

An example: A worker’s period of fifteen working days ends on July 20 and requests an appointment on July 19 by internet or by phone. If at that time it is granted for July 30, it will be within the deadline, since the date that counts as the moment of presentation of the application is July 19, when the appointment was requested, and not the 30th.

Another solution is to process the application for the benefit online. Many users do it this way, but we only recommend it in those cases in which the documentation to be presented, the requirements and there is some experience when presenting documents electronically (with digital certificates, uploading documents in pdf, etc). In this SEPE link you can find all the information to complete the procedures online> Application for contributory benefit online

Submit the application in a public registry. In the SEPE notice itself, when there are no appointments available, they indicate that it is possible to download all the documentation from the internet, fill out the application for the benefit and submit it to any registry of the state or regional public administrations. Legally it is possible, because it is contemplated by the administrative regulation for the presentation of documentation, but we only advise it in the extreme case that none of the previous options is possible.

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