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Good morning I have changed house and my ID will expire next month

If I renew now do I have to pay the fees? or do they renew it for 1 month? and then in March I have to renew it again

I have tried to ask for an appointment online and it told me that it is not valid, then by phone, when they have told me to press 1 I have done it and they have hung up on me .. I am a person accustomed to carry out paperwork, so if I have not been able to that you have to put the batteries to simplify the process

I need to renew ID and PASSPORT of my 15-year-old daughter. I will accompany her for the 2 renovations. Is it necessary that we are both parents in the renewal?

I have seen that for the ID for being over 14 years old you can renew without problems but renewing the passport is not clear to me. For work reasons, I, the father, can accompany my daughter but her mother cannot at the time of the previous appointment that we have.

To renew the ID and passport of a minor, only one parent can go or the 2 must be present

If I have all the details of the card to renew … how can I get the time? The DNI was stolen and I do not know the expiration date that it had

How can I cancel an appointment because we are calling on the phone and there is no way they will take it

There is no way to request an appointment for a DNI for the first time from Germany either online or by phone, since they always require a DNI number that you do not have

As much as I try to enter the security code, both the captcha and the audio give me an error, I have no way to make an appointment online …

I need to get my ID for the FIRST TIME, but to request an appointment via the internet I always fall into a form that only makes sense if you are going to RENEW the ID, since the first thing it asks is to enter the ID number, which is absurd, because precisely is what I still do NOT have.

I’m going to live abroad in September 2019 and my ID expires on January 16, 2020, can I renew it in September? Thank you!!!

Make an appointment for the DNI for the first time, it is impossible. I can’t make the appointment.

Can someone who lives in Madrid do it, and who can give me the appointment in my name?


If I have a DNI renewal for two minors, can they go with the family book and their grandfather to carry out the renewal?

Hello, I live in Mexico and I want to get the DNI for the first time, I already have the necessary papers to issue it but I want to know how I can make an appointment from Mexico for now in summer to get it.

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