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Updates on recently born couples to Men and Women: Sophie and Matteo are away for work, but there would be no crisis.

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The first part of the 2020/2021 season of men and women saw the birth of two new couples: Davide and Chiara, Sophie and Matteo. If the first two never separate and exchange words of love on social networks, Codegoni and Ranieri have already moved away for work-related issues. The beautiful Milanese, in fact, explained that her commitments do not allow her and her boyfriend to be together all week, which is why they arrange meetings on the weekend.

In the space of a couple of weeks, the Classic Throne of Men and Women has been completely renewed: Davide and Sophie, in fact, have given way to three boys who hope to be able to meet their soul mate.

The last choice that was broadcast on Canale 5, is that of Codegoni: the 19-year-old got engaged to Matteo Ranieri after months of dating in front of the cameras, and she preferred it to Giorgio Di Bonaventura.

After spending a few days together in Milan, however, the lovebirds separated: this detachment made the fans worry, who were quick to ask their favorites if there was already a crisis underway.

To clarify this point, it was the former tronista in some Stories that he published on Instagram on February 25: the young woman explained that she and Matteo are away for work reasons and that, at least for the moment, they will only see each other. in the weekends.

She will be the former suitor to join Sophie in Lombardy after having worked all week in Genoa: the protagonist of the dating show, therefore, denied having left her partner a few weeks after choosing her.

If Sophie and Matteo struggle to find time to be together, Davide and Chiara seem to have no problem in this regard.

Since they were chosen in the studies of Men and Women, the Apulian and the Roman have never separated: the coexistence between the two boys, in fact, began in the Capital and is continuing these days in Lecce, the city of origin of the tronista.

Donadei also wanted to surprise his girlfriend by dedicating these beautiful words to her on Instagram: “Since you entered my life, I do nothing but smile. Thank you so much. I know it was not easy for you in that context, but now I promise to always make you smile because you deserve it. “

“I love you”, thus ends the sweet dedication that the face of the Classical Throne made to Rabbi less than a month after the choice that made official the beginning of their beautiful love story.

Davide and Sophie have found love for Men and Women, which is why they left the red armchair after more than five months.

To replace the “veterans” Donadei and Codegoni, the editorial team has chosen three unknown boys (ie the first appearance on the dating-show and on television in general) who have started the journey in search of a soul mate a few weeks ago.

The “boys” on the throne are Giacomo (Ligurian videomaker with very specific tastes in women) and Massimiliano (twenty year old from Neptune who has done the humblest jobs to help the family economically), while the only girl is called Samantha and she presented herself as the first real curvy tronista of the program.

The three new protagonists of the Classic Throne have begun to go outside with their suitors, but it is still too early to understand if any sympathy was born or if at least one of the tronists has already found himself in front of the one / she who will choose in the end adventure.

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