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Were you able to get yourself invited to dinner by a scion of noble blood? The first step towards a noble wedding is done, now you need a couple of tips to not let it slip from under your fingers. Here’s everything you need to know before showing up for your appointment

Have you met a boy of noble origins and you don’t know how to behave so as not to seem too simple in his eyes? Take a look at these tips and arm yourself with patience, hoping it’s worth it …

Did the scion ask you out? Well, first of all, congratulations! These days it is difficult to remedy an invitation from the neighbor, let alone a nobleman … Having said that, the first thing that catches the eye of a descendant of a noble family is his always impeccable way of introducing himself. Different situations will happen to you: in a sophisticated restaurant he will show off the best mannequin look in via della Spiga, for informal activities he will probably have twins, even if in truth the situation does not require them at all. It doesn’t matter if you are at the La Scala premiere or at a metal concert, his aristocratic style is a trademark. Clearly you too will have to adapt, trying not to show too flashy outfits or eccentric details. Just to understand: a colored nail polish will be enough to make him bulge his eyes.

His parents had no mercy on him even when he was a tender royal baby: he was subjected from a very young age to an iron upbringing and now he expects you to exhibit one too. He doesn’t realize that while he was sitting at the table with his back straight and holding newspapers under his armpits to get used to keeping his arms straight without resting his elbows, you enjoyed your childhood blissfully pulling your mother’s food from the high chair and crying when you lost the pacifier. My dear, if you like that one, it’s time to be composed, don’t play with the food you have on your plate and, above all, make sure you never, ever think of crossing the cutlery at the end of the meal.

Enough with neologisms, slang, dialect. Italian is spoken with him. No poetic licenses, only well-constructed sentences and expressed with a tone of voice that is not too shrill, we are not at the market. Even in moments of tension it is essential to maintain a certain demeanor, avoiding vulgar jargon that would be of very bad taste.

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