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this purpose will be mandatory for the entire duration of the technical performance of the meetings of connection and verification of the objectives as well as of the intertwining points of the various design components. A validation report will then be drawn up as described below.

The different phases of the design of electrical systems will have to evolve hand in hand with those of the architectural, structural and thermomechanical design to ensure the integration of the various plant engineering works into the general context of the project.

– needs and requirements of the technical rooms, shafts, technical slots, passages for systems and overall dimensions in vertical and horizontal distribution and related interference with other plant and structural works;

– need or not for lightning protection systems and their location in the context of the work;

– integration of any plants for the production of energy from renewable sources (solar, wind, geothermal, etc.) in the architecture of the work.

The documents that make up the various levels of the design (preliminary, final and executive) must meet the minimum contents indicated in the performance specifications for electrical works approved by the order of engineers of the province of Trento.

For coordination between the various professionals involved in the design (architectural and landscaping, structural, thermo-hydraulic, safety, etc.) periodic meetings of connection and verification of the objectives must be provided.

In the architectural design phase, the technician will have to identify, starting from the final design phase, the geotechnical problems in order to make the client aware, also for the underlying economic consequences, of the complexity of the solution adopted.

– geotechnical surveys, characterization and modeling aimed at verifying the feasibility of the work, with indications for in-depth investigations during the executive design;

– attached, even in a single volume, the geological report and the seismic modeling report as well as the first part of the geotechnical report. Identification of the type of any provisional works;

– the second part geotechnical report will be filed in the executive project (before the start of the geotechnical works). Calculation of any provisional works. In this phase, the soil surveys must be in-depth in order to collect information to support the executive project;

– in the design phases of the work, it abides by the principles and general protection measures referred to in article 15 of the legislative decree 81/2008 and in particular:

● when making architectural, technical and organizational choices, in order to plan the various works or work phases that will take place simultaneously or subsequently;

Duty of the planning coordinator pursuant to art. 91 of the d.l. 81/08 is to coordinate the application of the above provisions.

It is the responsibility of the client to monitor compliance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of art. 90 of the d.l. 81/08 and define the ways in which information is conveyed between the various actors involved in the construction process.

In addition to what is described in point 1.2 above “preliminary architectural methodological study” which represents one of the innovative and characterizing points of the general performance specifications of the project, the functionality of the same project in its general aspects is also pursued through:

The general aspects of the work are described in the preliminary document, attached to the assignment, drawn up by the client as a functional outline of its main needs. This document, which generally describes the destination of the work, volume, number and destination of the premises, performance expectations relating to the systems in relation to the activities carried out within the work, budget, etc., will constitute a reference element attached to the assignment. This document also contains regulations and indications of various kinds to which the designer must refer.

For a character of homogeneity a rationalization of the formal elements of presentation of the project is necessary.

– files: at the time of the assignment, the type of format and the execution programs will be clearly and defined with the client.

● CAD: the setting of the graphic drawings on a generic dxf computer support, as regards layer, colors, scale and print layout, will be agreed in order to avoid reordering, taking into account the heterogeneity of the software and related applications normally used .

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